The basics of a Pricing campaign

Managing campaigns: Where and how to create a Pricing Campaign

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A pricing campaign is a type of marketing strategy that promotes the sale of certain products through strategic pricing, typically during a set period of time. A pricing campaign, in other words, is a sale.

When setting up a pricing campaign, you can either create a campaign from the Products catalog or from the Pricing Matrix.

Remember to check you have set your reference website in your account settings. Your reference website is the site you are changing prices for when you create a pricing campaign. Read on to learn how you can do the following from within the Sniffie app.

Set up a pricing campaign just with a few clicks from the Products view

  1. Start creating a pricing campaign by filtering the products you wish to add to the campaign from the home view in the Product Catalog.

  2. Once you have selected the products you want to add to the campaign, you will need to activate those products.

  3. To activate the products, choose Assign pricing action to selected. Then select either create a pricing campaign or Markdown optimization.

  4. Read more about these settings and how these two options differentiate from each other here: Discount campaign & Markdown optimization

    Please notice that Markdown optimization has more requirements than only the data you have on your account

Set up a pricing campaign from the Pricing Matrix

  1. Use filters to find the products you wish to add to a pricing campaign. Once you select the products for the campaign the following window will open. Choose Assign pricing action to selected.

2. Select which strategy type you wish to utilize.

3. After this you can define the campaign pricing settings.

Manage your campaigns

  1. You can find and edit an existing pricing campaign in the Product Catalog by selecting the following options from the selection menus: Pricing strategies & campaigns and Pricing strategies.

2. If you wish to edit on an existing strategy you need to select the strategy and click on the Edit selected icon at the top right. Notice that you can see the strategy type in the table.

3. Clicking on the Edit icon enables you to change the strategy settings, update the products included in the strategy (products with this strategy), look at the pricing log for this strategy and check for notifications and possible error messages related to products within the strategy.

4. To look at the campaign calendar, choose Pricing campaigns in the second selection list. In the calendar mode you can see all active campaigns, as well as their starting and end dates.

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