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What is the Product Catalog?

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The Product Catalog is where you can control all of your products and match them with your competitors. The Product Catalog includes all of the unique products from your webshop as well as those of your competitors.

Monitoring your products against your competitors’ products in the Product Catalog is done via product matching. To learn more about product matching please read this helpful article on how to match products and start comparing your prices!

The Sniffie Product Catalog is organizes your extracted products in the form of a table according to the following fields:

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If you have bought the Price Monitoring module; by default the Product Catalog is filtered to show your own products. You can edit this view mode from the upper-left corner of the product table. If you have not purchased the Price Monitoring module, the table will show you "All products" by default.

1. Matches

Matches indicate if your product has been matched with competing products. Unmatched means that no matches have been made. Matched indicates that you have confirmed a match with one or several competing products.

2. Product Name

Product Name tells the name of a product as listed on the extracted website. Product Name is also used as one of the bases for Product Matching.

3. Product Category

All competing product categories are marked as uncategorized until they are matched, once the products are matched the name of the category they belong to automatically changes to the same as the match group owner's category name.

Note: it is important to have properly categorized your own products in the Sniffie app. Please check that the categories in your reference data are correct before proceeding.

4. Website Name

The Website Name is the name of the website from which you have extracted the pricing data. This field is filled automatically by the extension, based on the website URL you are extracting data from.

5. Product Image

Product Image contains the image for products as defined in the Sniffie extension.

6. Price

Product Price is the price of a product as listed during the latest data fetch.

7. Last updated

Last updated indicates when the latest data fetch occurred, i.e. how fresh the data is.

Note: sometimes products appear to not update, when in fact, the webstore does not sell them anymore.

8. Product page link

By clicking the Product page link you can navigate to the webshop's product page.

9. Custom columns

It is possible to add custom fields to the catalog in the Sniffie app! Drag and drop to choose what columns are visible in your product catalog. You can also edit which columns and fields you would like to see in the catalog from the product catalog settings.

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