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The Sniffie Home page is the first view which appears when you log into Sniffie. Your Home page also serves as a platform for dashboards and analytic widgets. You can utilize dashboards for analytics and reporting purposes, you can also share and create multiple dashboards with various users from your organization.

From the home view, you can also navigate to different parts of Sniffie (see picture below):

1. Side navigation

This is your main navigation menu. You can find Dashboards, Price- and Pricing Matrix, and the Products Catalog here, depending on the modules you have purchased.

The Products Catalog view also contains its own sub-navigation, where you can find pages that contain information related to your products.

2. Collapse/expand side navigation

By default, the side navigation is minimized. You may want to expand it to see the labels next to the icons.

3. Dashboards

Browse, edit and add your dashboards here. Click here to learn more about dashboards and widgets.

4. Quick search

Quickly search for products with Sniffie's quick search bar.

5. Global filters

This is where you define your Global filters here. To learn more about using filters, please read this helpful article on How to use Sniffie filters.

6. Account and profile settings

Read more about your account and profile settings.

7. Chat

This is where you can access our Customer Support live chat and Help Center.

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