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Setting Your Preferred Website (and Store Name)
Setting Your Preferred Website (and Store Name)
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In order to get the most of out of Sniffie’s analytics, you should select your website from the account settings.

Selecting your website for analytics

  1. Open your profile settings, located in the account menu at the bottom left of the user interface.

2. Click on the account menu selector and select Personal settings.

3. Expand your Reference website settings, located on the App preferences tab.

4. Click on Select reference website and choose your desired reference website.

5. After selecting your desired reference website click on Save changes button.

6. If the selected website has multiple stores, continue to steps seven and eight. If not, skip these steps (The selected website needs to have sniffs with dynamic store names.)

7. If the preferred website has multiple stores, click Expand in the reference store section.

8. Click on Select reference store and choose the store from the dropdown menu. After that click on Save changes.

Done! You've successfully set your reference website (and a store).

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