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Answers to some common questions regarding the Price Matrix

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Sniffie's Price Matrix looks and feels a lot like our other module, Pricing Matrix. However, the Price Matrix contains one key difference when compared to the Pricing Matrix; you cannot price your products from the Price Matrix, and you can from the Pricing Matrix.

This article will cover only questions specific to the Price Matrix. We highly recommend you read our article about Pricing Matrix if you are interested in having more data functionality added to your matrix view.

This article covers these frequently asked questions regarding the Price Matric:

1. Do all the products appear in the price matrix?

No, only matched products will appear in the Price Matrix.

Note: substitute matches will also appear in the Price Matrix, but with a striped background to differentiate them from exact matches.

2. Why aren't all my preferred competitors/stores visible in the Price Matrix?

If some of your preferred competitors/stores may contain products that match your own, which are not visible in your Price Matrix as a column. In such a case you can check your selected Price Matrix columns. You can do this by clicking the Price Matrix settings button and then selecting the "select columns" option.

If the competitor you are looking for is in "available columns" instead of "visible columns,” you can drag and drop the competitor to the right place. You can learn more about sorting and ordering your columns and rows in the Price Matrix from this article.

3. Why are analytics not calculated for my website?

Analytics are calculated for the first website in the Price Matrix. In order to see analytics for your website, you must first set up your website as the preferred website in your personal settings.

4. How are the price matrix arrows defined?

  • An upwards arrow means that the latest change in the price was a price increase.

  • A downwards arrow means that the latest change in the price was a price decrease.

  • A cell without an arrow means that the price has not changed at all during the latest updates.

5. Why is the product name not the same as my website’s product?

If you have matched the product under the name it has on another website name, then that website name may be the group owner. You need to update match group ownership to your preferred website.

6. I want to use this data for repricing! Can I use this somehow to set new prices?

If you have activated the pricing module, you can use the Pricing Matrix to set new prices for your products. In the Pricing Matrix it is possible to use the same view as the Price Matrix, to reprice your products using the data from the Price Matrix. If you are interested in this but haven't bought the pricing module, please contact our sales team.

7. Why are some prices not updating?

You may notice that not all of your or your competitors' product prices have updated in the matrix. This can be due to a number of reasons. Sometimes the product is not available online anymore, and therefore it has not been updated. It is also possible that certain products may have been deleted by the store, or maybe the website structure has changed. If you experience any issues with prices not updating as they should, let the customer success team know immediately. We are happy to help you.

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