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How to order rows & columns in the price matrix
How to order rows & columns in the price matrix
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How to:

  • Order columns in the Price Matrix

  • Order rows in the Price Matrix

Ordering columns

On the Price Matrix page click the gear icon to open the settings then choose Select columns to open the column ordering dialog.

Column ordering dialog

In the dialog, you will find two main sections: Visible columns and Available columns. Available columns are grouped by data types.

To add a column drag a column label from Available columns to the desired position Visible columns or simply click to add to end.

To remove a column click the X icon on the label or drag it away from Visible columns

The columns in your Price Matrix will follow the order chosen. To reorder visible columns, drag labels to their desired position.

Ordering rows

At the top left of the price matrix screen, there's a selector for ordering value and order direction.

Pressing on the arrow right next to this selection will change the direction of the products (A->Z vs. Z>A).

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