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Sniffie availability analytics

How availability analytics work

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Sniffie availability analytics gives you information on product availability. Please note that using the analytics requires you to have sniffed the availability information for each product and/or store for which you need availability data. Availability analytics are therefore not a default feature in Sniffie. Instead, whether and the way availability information is shown is negotiated in the onboarding process.

How it works

When you define the availability column in your data extractions, Sniffie will automatically process and format that products' availability for you. Availability data is saved both in text and automatically converted to a numeric format. You can get the processed availability information out of Sniffie when you export your price matrix or products view.

Availability information can be provided in two different formats, either binary (e.g. "is available" or "is not available") or numerical (e.g. “15 items in stock”). You can choose which of these formats works best for you during the onboarding process. In the price matrix, products which are not available have a distinctive icon at the bottom of the cell (see picture below).

If you have activated the pricing module in Sniffie, availability analytics might be a very useful resource when repricing your products. If you want access to availability data but haven't bought the pricing module, please contact our sales team!

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