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Sniffie Omnibus Pricing App
Getting Started with Sniffie: Shopify Omnibus Pricing
Getting Started with Sniffie: Shopify Omnibus Pricing

The article provides a general overview the Sniffie Shopify Omnibus Pricing App

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Sniffie's Omnibus Pricing App helps you to ensure that your comparison prices are compliant with the EU Omnibus Directive. The Sniffie Omnibus Pricing App collects your 30-day price history data and compares it to your Compare at price. If the App notices a conflict between these two price points for a given product, the product will be marked as incompliant. Incompliant products are displayed for you in one view and easily corrected to be compliant.

What happens after installation?

By installing the App you have started collecting price history for your Shopify Shop. Once the App has collected 30-days worth of pricing history, the App starts to monitor if your comparison prices are compliant with the EU Omnibus Directive or not.

The Sniffie Omnibus App overview

The Sniffie App consists of two different views. The Overview and the Product table view. The Overview view shows you the Compliancy status and Price history information. After installation, you can see how many days there are before the full 30-day history is collected. The Product table view shows you all your store's products with relevant details. You can easily filter from the Product table view to check which of your products are compliant and which are not.

The Overview

The Product Table view

The main functions of the App

From the Product view, you can easily filter down your products in a campaign with a non-compliant comparison price. Then, you can quickly fix the compliance issues one by one or per page view.

Fixing an individual non-compliant price

A product with a non-compliant comparison price is indicated in the Status column by a red color Not compliant status chip. To fix the issue, click the small arrow next to the chip, and a drop-down menu will appear with options. You have two options:

  1. Set compare at price to last lowest price

  2. Remove compare at price

Set compare at price to last lowest price

This option selects for the lowest 30-day price and sets that price point as your Compare at price. Now your comparison price is displayed with as lowest 30-day price.

Remove compare at price

This option removes the comparison price from the product page.

Fixing several non-compliant prices

You can select and fix noncompliant prices for several products simultaneously. To begin, filter for non-compliant products with the Omnibus status filter. Select the filter option Not compliant to filter for products with this status, and the table will show only products with non-compliant pricing. Then choose all products from the product table by clicking the select check box above the table. The table shows you how many products are selected and opens up a button Fix compliancy issues. Click the button and select the workflow you want to perform.

Note: The update will only happen for products visible in your table view. If you have several table views with non-compliant pricing, the products that are not shown on the view table will need to be updated separately.

When you have fixed all your compliancy issues, the status for all products should be displayed with a green Compliant status chip. The Sniffie Omnibus Price App helps you to easily ensure that your prices are always in compliance with the Omnibus Directive.

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