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Adding lowest price information to your storefront
How to Display the Lowest Price Information on a Product Collection Page
How to Display the Lowest Price Information on a Product Collection Page

This guide provides examples on how to add lowest price information in a collection view with product cards by editing your Shopify theme

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If your theme does not allow adding extension blocks to show data created by our app, you will need to manually edit the template code. This is the case when you want to display the lowest price information in a product card on Dawn-based themes.

This guide may not apply exactly to your themes but hopefully it will help you achieve your goal.

To get started navigate to the theme editor -> customize -> Edit code

In the sidebar, search for the snippet which renders the product card. In the Dawn 5.0 theme, you would find it in Snippets/card-product.liquid

Open up the card-product.liquid source code and locate the spot where you want to insert the omnibus price information.

Insert the following code:

{% render 'omnibus-price', product: card_product %}

Next, we will create the omnibus-price snippet referred to in the previous section.

In the sidebar, inside the Snippets folder, click Add a new snippet and enter omnibus-price as the filename. Copy-paste the following code into the newly created file omnibus-price.liquid and modify the label and date format if needed.

{% assign selectedProduct = product.selected_or_first_available_variant %}{% assign omnibusprice = selectedProduct.metafields.omnibus.price %}
{% assign omnibusdate = %}
{% assign label = 'Lowest price last 30 days' %}
{% assign date_format = '%B %d, %Y' %}
{% if omnibusprice %}
{{ label }}
{{ omnibusprice | metafield_tag }}
{% if omnibusdate != null %}
({{ omnibusdate | date: date_format }})
{% endif %}
{% endif %}

Finally, save the files, and voilà! The product card now has Omnibus price information included.

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