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This FAQ contains relevant and frequently asked questions about the use of Sniffie Shopify Omnibus Pricing App.

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How can I show the lowest prices in my Shopify Shop?

As mentioned in the app overview, Sniffie starts collecting your price history when you install the app. The price history data is saved in your Shopify products' metafields and can be displayed in your storefront by editing your storefront template.

We also provide a theme extension to easily add the lowest price information on your product page.

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The price on my storefront isn't formatted correctly, what can I do?

The lowest price information from the metafields is displayed using Shopify's currency formatting. It might be, for instance, displayed as €100 EUR (currency indicated twice). To change the formatting, go to Setting in your admin panel ( In Store details -> Store currency select Change formatting and edit the values to suit your needs. Save after editing and reload the page to view the end result.

What kind of price data is collected and how does the App use my data?

The app collects the price for each product in your Shopify shop each day. This includes both the price and comparison price (regular price). The information is stored in the products' metafields and can be seen on the product pages in Shopify admin. Based on price history the app tags products with the current Omnibus compliance status.

My product's price is 50€ but the lowest price is showing 100€, is this wrong?

The Pricing Directive states that when a campaign is started the seller must indicate the lowest price during the past 30 days prior to the campaign. In our calculations, we indicate when a sale has started and look back 30 days and pick the lowest price from that period.

A product is considered to be on sale when the compare at price is greater than the selling price.


The product has never been on sale and the price has been the same for at least 30 days. The current price and compare at prices are both 100€. A campaign is started and the price is lowered to 50€ indicating a 50% reduction. The lowest price information is set at the compare at price 100€ for the duration of the campaign. When the campaign ends, the lowest price would be 50€ so should you start a new campaign within 30 days, the compare at price cannot be greater than 50€.

Where can I find the Omnibus Price information on my product?

The Omnibus Pricing details are saved to the metafields after we have analyzed your whole product catalog. We will update the metafields on daily basis.

Shopify products metafield for Omnibus Directive 30-day lowest price points

The fields we support are:

  1. Omnibus price - the lowest price in the last [30 days]

  2. The date when the lowest price occurred

  3. Omnibus price with coupons - the lowest price in the last [30 days] with coupons taken into account

  4. The date when the lowest price with coupons occurred

  5. Omnibus dayCount - How many days worth of price history have been collected so far

  6. Price history (JSON)

What does the status badge indicate?

Not compliant -status in the Omnibus Pricing App

Not compliant

The comparison price is experiencing a problem. Meaning it is not the 30-day lowest price point.


Everything is fine and you are good to go.


Your product's variants have different rates when the badge shows a Mixed status.

How are discount coupons included in discount price calculations in the Omnibus Pricing App?

Using discount codes in your marketing and offering those to all website users will affect your lowest 30-day price. The app also calculates the lowest price point considering the price and possible discounted value in case a customer uses a discount code. As the Omnibus Directive considers the lowest price to be the marketed price (not only price that converted) this also is calculated.

I started a campaign and want to know if there are wrong prices, what should I do?

Go to the app, and click Run calculations in the Products view. This will initialize a calculation process which checks all your prices and updates their price status.

The App seems to freeze during the Initializing, this shouldn't take long step. Is something wrong?

In some unfortunate use cases, we have noticed this. Some users may encounter this problem due to Shopify's cookies. We advise you to refresh your browser. If all else fails, try uninstalling and re-installing the app

What countries are supported by the App?

The Sniffie Omnibus Pricing App works in all EU countries.

How do I contact support?

You can contact us via Email or through the in app support chat.

Is there an option for more customisation, like make the price sentence smaller and and reduce the contrast?

The easiest way to configure the price layout is to add custom css to your theme settings. Here's an example:

#sniffie-omnibus-price {

font-size: 12pt;


And after you have reduced the font you can customize it more by making the sentence less visible for example:

#sniffie-omnibus-price {

font-size: 12pt;

opacity: 0.8;


Is it possible to change text color?

You can add custom CSS to change font size, color, padding, etc.

Go to theme edit and choose theme settings, and look for the Custom CSS section.

Here's an example:

#sniffie-omnibus-price {
color: #736e6e;

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