How to Show the Lowest Price in Your Storefront
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Note: these instructions apply mostly to Shopify online store 2.0. If you have an older or custom theme, you will need to edit the template code to show Omnibus price information. For information on adding the lowest price information by editing the template code, check out How to add lowest price information to your storefront without extension [technical]

Note 2: If you encounter an issue where the price is not properly formatted on your storefront, instructions to fix them are available here. If you want to change language of the block on your storefront, instructions are available here.

Since the lowest price and price history information is stored in your products' metafields, the data is accessible in the storefront as well.

To show the lowest price information in your storefront you must modify your theme.

In the Shopify admin interface, navigate to Sales channels -> Online store -> Themes and then click on Customize

To edit the product page, choose Products from the dropdown at the top of the page

In the left sidebar, you will see the various sections of the product page. Say that we would like to add the lowest price underneath the product's price, then we need to click add block in the Product information section. Below APPS, you will find our theme extension Omnibus Price.

The block can then be dragged to its desired position

Clicking on the block opens configuration details for how and what data is displayed. Here you can change the label and date formatting, choose which price field to display, and configure the block to be hidden when a product is not discounted.

Image: Block settings

That's it! Just save and your product pages now include the last lowest price information. After the block has been added, you can translate the message in the block to match your language and locale with instructions here.

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