Running a pricing campaign on your website or retail store will permanently change across the EU on 28.5.2022 when the Omnibus Directive enters into force. You can read more about it in our blog, where you can also download a comprehensive legal guide for Omnibus.

Omnibus is a separate module in Sniffie which needs to be enabled on your account in order for you to access it. Once the module has been enabled, you can follow this guide to start using it.

Where is Omnibus information available in Sniffie

Omnibus information is available in multiple places.

  1. Product page of the product, pictured below.

  2. When confirming pricing suggestions with an on-sale price (if you have pricing module enabled), pictured below.

  3. When reviewing price suggestions (if you have pricing module enabled).

How is Omnibus price calculated in Sniffie

We calculate Omnibus price every time one of the following happens:

  1. New prices are pushed via your integration

  2. The date changes.

  3. A discount coupon has been added / deleted / modified / expires.

We always calculate the lowest price of the product within the legal requirement of 30 days without coupons and also with possible coupons added to this product. Calculation runs on real time.

Getting API keys to Omnibus API when you have Omnibus module enabled

  1. Read the Omnibus API technical documentation from here.

  2. Go to your account settings > Account Details. In the bottom, click the button Manage Omnibus API key.

  3. A modal opens (pictured below). You can enter the originating IP address for your Omnibus requests if you want, and also select the protocol. Once you enter your password, you can click Regenerate new API key button.

    Omnibus API key management modal
  4. Once you have generated the API key, you can click again on the "Manage Omnibus API key" button to reopen the modal. This time you can copy the API key to your clipboard or delete the API key.

    You can also regenerate a new API key through following the previous steps in the same modal. Please note that if you regenerate an Omnibus API key, your previous Omnibus API keys will stop working.

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