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When creating a Markdown optimization, Profit optimization or Dynamic Pricing strategy, you are able to change the default strategy settings.

Active and inactive pricing strategies

By default, strategies are set to be active. If you have enabled the Confirm price changes manually safeguard then active strategy means that new price changes are given as new price suggestions.

If you have disabled the Confirm price changes manually safeguard then active strategy means that new price changes are pushed to your web-shop automatically, without any need for human interaction based on the time set.

By setting a pricing strategy to inactive, it will not do anything other than show you price suggestions in the Pricing Matrix.

Pause when product is in pricing campaign

This setting is toggled on by default. When enabled this function will exclude products from the pricing strategy if and when they are added to a pricing campaign. Those products will return to the pricing strategy automatically once the pricing campaign has concluded.

If this setting is toggled off, then products may possibly ignore the parameters defining any pricing campaigns to which they are added. Instead they will adhere to the pricing parameters this pricing strategy creates for them. In most cases, turning this setting off is not advised.

Same price for grouping factor

This setting is set to be inactive by default. When enabled this function will ensure your products that belongs to the same product group will receive the same price on group level. Please note, you will need to choose based on what factors you wish to group the items that you wish to get the same price. You can choose to group items based on what combining information your product data contains. This settings supports multiple choice.

Strategy scheduling

Minimum time between price changes

This is the time that has to pass after every price change no matter what. For example if set to 24 hours, Sniffie is only able to make the next price change after 24 hours. It is good to consider that this is the minimum limit. If nothing changes, (for example in market based strategy no one changes prices) Sniffie will not change products' price after this time, but will wait until something happens which triggers the new price change.

Schedule execution for weekday(s)

This is the place to set the date and time to either receive the pending price confirmations or to schedule when your prices will go live.

Please note, the price pushes will start to calculate when the time is set.

Strategy ranks - enabled in filter based strategies

If you have filters in strategies enabled, you also have the possibility to add ranks to strategies. By default, all strategies have rank 0 and are of equal importance. Maximum rank is 999.

Once a strategy executes, the maximum rank of strategy for a product is checked. If there is a strategy with a higher rank for that product than the current strategy in execution, the strategy execution is not completed for the product.

Campaigns are executed regardless of their strategy rank.

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