Add product groups into pricing strategies
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This article explains how to add several product groups into one pricing strategy at the same time. First, navigate to your Product Catalog. Using filters, you can search for the products/product groups you wish to add to a pricing strategy. Find the desired products by sorting according to SKU, product name or product group.

Pro tip: Include the Optimizable product group and Strategy name columns in your Product Catalog view. This provides you a quick overview of all products that are included in a given product group, or if they are part of an active pricing strategy.

Once you have filtered the products/product groups for which you wish to add pricing, you can follow this step by step guide on how to add all items into one strategy:

  1. Choose all the items (product groups) you sorted and wish to add into a pricing strategy.

  2. Choose the strategy type.

  3. Choose if you wish to add the items to the strategy as optimizable product groups or as individual products. If you choose to optimize in product groups, you have the option of selecting grouping criteria from the drop-down menu. If you have set optimizable product groups in Sniffie and you want to apply those, leave the drop-down-menu selection empty.

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