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Hiding Shopify Omnibus Tags on Your Storefront
Hiding Shopify Omnibus Tags on Your Storefront

This technical guide will help you to hide Omnibus-related tags from your storefront if you want to.

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Our Shopify Omnibus pricing app automatically tags products with an applicable Shopify tag beginning with a prefix Omnibus

If your theme automatically displays all product tags to the consumers, you may want to not show these Omnibus tags. You can achieve this with these simple steps.

  1. In your admin panel, click on Online store and then Themes. Click on Action and then go to Edit code. This will allow you to edit the code.

  2. Locate the .liquid file where tags are called in your template. This can vary based on the theme, but usually you have 2-3 different files where these can be shown (one for product page, one for collection page and one for home page)

  3. In all the files that loop through product tags, add add the following 2 lines of code before the loop that shows each tag:

    {% unless tag contains 'Omnibus' %}
    {% endunless %}

    This unless condition will make it so that none of the Omnibus tags are displayed in the location, whereas other tags still are. Note that the first line should be added just after the loop begins, and then the second line where the loop ends.

  4. Save the changed files and reload. You will see that the tags created by the Omnibus Pricing app don't show in the theme anymore.

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