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Managing Your Campaigns - Starting, Ending, and Deleting
Managing Your Campaigns - Starting, Ending, and Deleting
Written by Elina Kotamäki
Updated over a week ago

In the Campaigns view of the app, you'll find all your campaigns neatly organized. It provides a clear overview of ongoing, upcoming, past campaigns, as well as any drafts you have saved.

Starting a campaign

To start a campaign, navigate to the Upcoming section. Simply locate the campaign you want to launch and click on the box to the left of its name. You'll notice a "Start campaign now" button, click on it to initiate the campaign.

Ending a campaign

If you need to pause an ongoing campaign, head over to the Ongoing section. Find the specific campaign and select the box next to its name. Look for the "End campaign now" option and click on it to halt the campaign.

Deleting a campaign

To delete a campaign, follow a similar process. Locate the campaign you wish to remove, click on the tick box beside its name, and then select the "Remove" option that appears.

By utilizing these steps, you can easily manage and control the status of your campaigns. If you have any further questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

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