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Adding lowest price information to your storefront
Displaying lowest price information in different languages & currencies
Displaying lowest price information in different languages & currencies
Using the Omnibus Pricing app + theme extension with storefronts for different markets is easy. This article shows you how.
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If your store is set up with multiple markets with different languages and currencies you probably want to translate the "Lowest prior price" label and you might also be wondering about currency conversion.


The app saves the lowest price information in product variants' metafields in the format "money" which includes the numerical value for the price as well as your store's primary currency. When this price is displayed as some currency other than your primary currency, the price is automatically converted based on the conversion settings defined in markets.

No action is required, the lowest price is always shown in the same currency as your product's price.


If you use Shopify's Translate & Adapt for translating your storefront, the label used by the theme extension is also translatable. In Translate & adapt, navigate to Theme => Templates => Product. Here you should find the label used by our theme extension.

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