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Getting started
Getting started with Sniffie: Smart Sale & Discounts App
Getting started with Sniffie: Smart Sale & Discounts App

An overview of the Sniffie App and how to get started.

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Sniffie's Smart Sale & Discounts App is designed to boost your profits during sale and discounts, while eliminating the need for manual calculations and guesswork. In this "Getting Started" guide, we will walk you through the basics of the app, scheduling upcoming discounts, and leveraging the live profit forecasts to maximize your success.

What happens after installation?

After installation, you'll be able to see the App with its Discounts, Products, Insights and Analytics sections. First, the app will collect your product data. Once that is done, you can start creating discounts.

In account settings, you can check your current plan and also change your theme settings. We do recommend for you to verify that all your shop info is correct - namely your currency and time zones.

The Smart Sale & Discounts App overview

The App currently consists of four different views. The Discounts, the Products, the Insights and the Analytics views. The Discounts view shows you your latest pricing campaigns, your ongoing and upcoming campaigns and drafts. Here, you can also create a discount from scratch. The Products view shows you all your store's products with relevant details. You can easily filter from the Products view to find the products you are looking for and create a campaign when selecting those. In the Insights view, you have an overall glance of different insights for your products, for eg. Products "Running low on stock" or "Products which have run out of stock".
Finally, there is an Analytics view that is currently in Beta mode. This view shows various analytics for your products, such as the monthly profit over time, revenue decomposition, and more.


Product view

Insights view

Analytics view

Creating a discount

There are two ways to create campaigns: from the Products view or directly from the Discounts view.

Creating a discount from the Products view

Once you start filtering and selecting the products that you wish to add into your campaign, a "Create discount" button appears on the top right of the screen.

When you have selected all products needed, tap the "Create Discount" button to open up a new screen in which you can add all relevant details for your new campaign. Add your discount name, the discount you want to give the products, and the start and end dates of your discount. You can still remove or add new products in the discount at this stage.
In addition, you can always save the discount as a draft first.

Once you have created the campaign, you can find it under the Discounts view.

Here you can edit your drafts, end ongoing campaigns, or start upcoming discounts.

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