This article will explain more in detail what different kinds of settings should be added when creating a Pricing campaign. You can choose to do a:

  1. Discount campaign or a

  2. Markdown Optimization

Discount campaign

  1. Either create a new strategy or edit the existing strategy.

2. Choose desired pricing actions.

3. Add pricing safeguards

4. Choose which price you wish to return the price to after the campaign. At this stage, you should also decide what you want to do with the price if the set campaign price is the same as the current price and if you wish to include this kind of product in the campaign or not.

5. Set the start and end date and time for your campaign. Please notice that the scheduled time will be set according to your own time zone.

6. Decide if you wish to repeat the campaign or not.

Markdown optimization

  1. When you have chosen to add the products into a Markdown optimization, following selects will be opened.

2. AI configuration settings for Markdown optimization

3. Set pricing actions

4. Add pricing safeguards

5. Set last strategy settings: should it be active, do you wish to pause the markdown optimization if the product is added into a pricing campaign, and lastly, how often do you wish a new price to be suggested.

6. When you have added the actions and settings, click Next and confirm prices into your strategy.

Read more about how to create a Pricing Campaign from Pricing Matrix.

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