First things first; If you are not familiar how Price- or Pricing matrix works, below is few articles about them:

Frequently asked questions about the Price Matrix

How to use price matrix effectively

Selecting columns in the price matrix

Pricing matrix

Below is detailed instructions with pictures showing how you can save a view from your Price- or Pricing matrix.

On the top left of your table, select Price Matrix.

Click the selection labeled "Using global filters".

By clicking "Create new view" you can personalize this view. You can edit the name and by clicking "Add new filter" you can choose brands and categories to show in this view.

You can see here that you can choose whether you want to use global filters or not. Remember, however, that applying global filters overrides local filters.

Here I have done a view about Brand fefef, from category Gloves.

By clicking Reports -> Add report, you can get email reports about price changes. You can define the reports yourself. Here all weekdays have been selected, but you can edit these however it suits you best.

In the picture below, you can see a report about price changes that are over 5 % in this view.

If you have more questions, please don't hesitate to contact Sniffie Customer Support by clicking the chat icon top right on the table.

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