When you create a dynamic pricing strategy, you can set backup actions for your pricing strategy. Backup settings will ensure you have control over the prices that will be set for your products if conditions are impossible to set your customised strategy prices live.

  1. Backup settings can be found as the last setting when creating a dynamic pricing strategy.

  2. Click "+" to add the desired backup action.

  3. Choose backup action from the list. Notice that you can add several backup actions.

    A. Change price

    B. Price needs to be psychologically appealing

    C. Set to static value (internal)

    A. Change price: Choose if you wish to change the price as an absolute value or a percentage. Set desired value or percentage on the lowest row called "Filter value."

    B. Price needs to be psychologically appealing. Set how you wish to round the price. Set desired rounding rule on row below "Decimal choices." Read more about rounding rules here.

    C. Set to static value (internal). Choose if you want the price to be set on some of the options mentioned below. Please notice that using these filters will require you have added this data into Sniffie, either by product feed or by integration.

  4. After setting the desired backup settings, you can confirm your pricing strategy.

Read more about pricing actions.

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