This article will explain how you can manage your product groups and how to edit them. Start by opening product catalog with your own products.

Let's however explain briefly, when should you use product groups?

If you have products that have different variants but you wish the price to be the same for all of the variants, you can create a product group. With this action, all of the products in one product group will get the same price suggestions. You can also choose products with different prices and sizes and utilize the cannibalization action, to keep the two prices for different variants in the same relationship with each other. In this way, you exclude the possibility for the price for the smaller size to rise above the bigger size.

  1. Create and add products into a product group in "Products"

  2. Edit your product groups

  3. Add product groups into a pricing strategy

1. Create and add products into a product group

  1. Filter down the products you wish to add to a new product group and choose the desired products.

2. Choose "Add to an optimizable product group"

3. Choose "+ Add to a new unit" if you wish to add the products into a new product group, and give also a name to your product group. If you wish to add the products to an existing product group choose "Existing unit" and either click space on the "Name" field to see all your existing groups or start writing the product group name. Confirm your choice by "Apply".

2. Edit your product groups

  1. You can find your existing product groups in "products" and by choosing "Optimizable product groups". You can add more products to your product group by following the instructions above.

2. Find the product group you wish to edit. You can either scroll down to the group in your catalog or use product filters to sort the group you are looking for by using by Name (for instance "skin toners" - filter.

3. Choose the product group you wish to edit and click on the name of the product group.

4. Show "Products in the product group". If you want to delete products from the product group choose the product you wish to delete and click on the bin up in the right corner. (Opens when you have chosen a product or products you want to remove from the group).

5. Confirm that you really want to delete the products from the product group.

3. Add product groups into a pricing strategy

  1. Start from products and choose "product groups & tags" and "optimizable products".

2. If you have many product groups you can use the filters to find the desired group or groups.

3. Add filter and search with "Name" - contains - and the product group name or a part of it.

4. After this selection. Choose a group or groups you wish to add to an existing strategy or create a new strategy for these items.

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