1. Go to your product catalog and filter based on what you want to update:
    For example if you want to update a certain category then select that category in the filters and apply the filter.

2. Select the relevant filters and then download the product catalog from top right button.

3. Download the data based on what you need. (For example if you need to only update the category names for website X then make sure the filters are applied on the website X so you can easily update the data.

4. Open the CSV sheet that you downloaded either in Excel or in Google sheet.

5. Edit any field you want, for example product category, product name, product description...etc

-Please don´t change the ID section and don´t make any edits to that part
-Please don´t edit Image URLs and other Sniffed data as this will result in product images disappearing from the product catalog and could result in data errors. 

6. After you have finished the edits, remove all the columns that you didn´t edit except for the following columns:  ID column and the columns that you have updated.

In the example above  I have only edited the category and brand names  so those are the only columns that I will keep besides the ID column.

(note: you can also delete the price conversion column that is left in the example)

7. If you want to add/create another column to Sniffie just  make a column for it in the sheet, give it a title (for example Brand, custom column...etc) and then fill up its data in the column.

8. Save the updated file as a CSV and upload it to Sniffie at Product catalog ==) Upload data to product catalog.

8. Enjoy the updates! 

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