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What Does "Not Enough Data" Mean?
What Does "Not Enough Data" Mean?
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The EU Omnibus Pricing Directive states that the lowest price from the 30-day period before a campaign starts must be shown. Additionally, the original price cannot be higher than this price.

In order to calculate the lowest price, our app collects price information each day to build a price history list for each product variant. The app compares the current normal price to the lowest price information to determine if the price is legally compliant.

When the app is first installed, we do not yet have the full 30-day history to reference in the calculations. Therefore, we cannot say for sure if the current prices are compliant or not. In this case, the products are tagged with "Not enough data".

The app saves the lowest price information each day starting from day 1. You can show the lowest price information on your storefront even though the price history is not yet fulfilled. However, please note that the information may not be accurate.

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