Sniffie supports importing your own products directly using a CSV file / XML / JSON feed available for download by Sniffie from a web address of your choosing.

Here are the minimum specifications for a basic feed:

Sniffie feed guidelines
File format: CSV / XML / JSON

First row must contain the following columns:
- Product name
- Category
- Website
- Currency
- Price

The following column names can also be included in the feed for a more expanded performance:
- Brand
- Store name
- Product code
- Custom column 1
- Custom column 2
- Custom column 3
- Custom column 4
- Custom column 5
- Custom column 6
- Custom column 7
- Custom column 8
- Custom column 9
- Purchase price
- Margin target (%)
- Margin target
- Recommended retail price
- Internal RRP
- Manufacturer code
- Subcategory 1
- Subcategory 2
- Subcategory 3
- Subcategory 4
- Color
- Variant
- Manufacturer
- Weight
- Dimensions
- Sales volume
- Description
- Image
- Unit
- Product image

File / feed must use UTF-8 encoding.

Category, Product name, Product code, Brand and Website are used to generate a unique identifier for each product. When refreshing the feed, these are used to update the existing entry in Sniffie's database. If these fields do not match with anything, a new product entry is added. **This behaviour will change, so that new entries from a feed are unique by SKU only.**

If product image is added, it should be downloadable over the internet or be encoded with base64 (up to 1024 characters)

File / feed  should be available for download by HTTP/HTTPS.

Example of a first row with some columns (CSV):
"Product name","Category","Website","Currency","Price","Product code","Store name","Brand","Custom column 1","Custom column 2","Custom column 3","Custom column 4","Custom column 5","Custom column 6","Custom column 7","Custom column 8","Custom column 9","Purchase price","Margin target (%)","Margin target","Recommended retail price","Internal RRP","SKU","EAN","Manufacturer code","Subcategory 1","Subcategory 2","Subcategory 3","Subcategory 4","Color","Variant","Manufacturer","Weight","Dimensions","Sales volume","Description","Image","Unit"
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