Your product catalog and dashboards are filterable by Sniffie's global filtering system. This means that is you are dealing with data other than products (e.g. product tags), global filters don't apply. You need to use Sniffie's local table filtering systems.

How to use local filtering system

  1. Login to Sniffie.
  2. Navigate to a page that has local filterable table. Product tags is one, for example.
  3. At the top right of the table, you have a filtering icon. It's the same icon as the global filters have, but inside the table card. Click the icon to open local filters for that data (image below).
  4. A filtering row appears. Click the plus icon to create a new local filter. Local filtering system uses Sniffie's advanced filters.
  5. When you save, that filter is applied to the table. You can see how many filters are active for that table in the number on top of the local filtering icon at the top right of the screen.

A local filter "tag contains aa" applied to the personal tags table.

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