Sniffie bird is the default 404 page in the Sniffie app when you are logged in. Sniffie bird is a Flappy bird game clone, but instead of a bird, you play as Sniffie's anteater.

Because Sniffie app is built upon modules, access to certain modules can be restricted based on your account level and/or what features your organization pays Sniffie for.

When you encounter the Sniffie bird page, it's an indication that the link you are trying to view is not available for you. The link can be invalid in general, like a random URL, or you or your organization does not have access to the requested feature.

If you think this is an error, you can contact the Sniffie staff via our Intercom chat.

If you just like to play Sniffie bird on your free time, make sure you are logged in to Sniffie and then navigate to any random page (e.g. Your Sniffie bird scores don't, as of February 2019, save between different sessions.

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