When you make changes to Sniffie table, Sniffie extension will keep track of all the changes that you do. If you make a mistake, you can just undo the latest action. If you accidentally undo something, you can redo the last step(s) unless you do something else after undo. Sniffie will store 5 last states of your Sniffie table. Link to logout.

The save states are removed after exiting sniff mode or saving sniff.

How to undo actions

  1. If the undo button is not active, do any manipulative action to Sniffie table
  2. Click undo.
  3. The previous state is restore. You can traverse backwards up to 5 states.

How to redo actions

  1. Click undo.
  2. Before you do anything else to Sniffie table, click redo.

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