Downloading the Sniffie Browser Extension 

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If you have a managed service account, you can skip this step. Unless you want to learn how to collect data yourself, of course! 

Before you start extracting data from the web, you need to download Sniffie browser extension to show Sniffie what data you want to collect from what website. The downloading can be done from your account under Browser Extension.


Getting data with Sniffie 

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The foundation of good price monitoring is well structured and sourced data. You should always make sure you are extracting a complete data set. That starts from extracting your own products from your website. That way you have the right categories (you are already using) and you have your products that you are using as a basis for market monitoring (product match).

It is wise to start collecting data from category pages where you can easily extract the whole category pricing information. The data can be enriched from the product cards later on, but you should always try to get as much data as you can from a single URL.

Read more on Sniffie Browser Extension and how to download it.

The video below will show you how to create your first sniff.

 Here’s a more comprehensive step-by-step guide for extracting web data with Sniffie.

Sometimes it may be more difficult to hover on the product cards. No worries though, you get the data with the few extra clicks fast and easy! See this guide with the video for tips.

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