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I Cannot Login to My Sniffie Account!
I Cannot Login to My Sniffie Account!

Why you may not be able to login to the Sniffie pricing software app

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If you have unable to login to your Sniffie Pricing App account, this article will help you troubleshoot the cause.

Before proceeding further, make sure you are logging in to the right service.

Sniffie Enterprise app is for enterprise pricing / price optimization / price monitoring customers. Customers coming directly from Shopify can log in directly via their Shopify admin. If you are unsure of which method to use to log in with, you should contact your customer success representative. If you don't have a customer success representative, ask your team manager.

Below we will review the most common reasons why a login attempt can fail. Make sure that you have a working internet connection and that you can get to the login page at

Here are some of the most common login issues and links to their section:

Do you already have an account to Sniffie Pricing App?

You cannot login to the service if you don't have an account to Sniffie Enterprise Pricing App.

You cannot create account yourself, but your Sniffie account main administrator or customer success representative or sales representative can do this for you

The Sniffie Pricing App Accessibility Announcements

If the Sniffie service is not accessible and the rest of the web works for you, you can find information about why this may be in our blog.

Sniffie Service Announcements are always published in our blog to keep you posted. Alternatively, you can check latest news at our Twitter account. If no news has posted on any of our channels, please contact Sniffie support. All expected accessibility issues are posted to our blog and other channels well before the known issues occur.

Is Sniffie website blocked in your network?

One possible reason for not being able to connect to our service is that your IT department has white-listed the sites you are able to connect to and blacklisted everything else. If Sniffie is not included in these sites you cannot login to Sniffie.

Is JavaScript enabled in your browser?

Sniffie App needs JavaScript to be enabled to function properly. If JavaScript is disabled in your browser settings, you may encounter problems with how Sniffie App works. Try enabling JavaScript in your browser settings and reload the page.

Are cookies enabled in your browser?

Sniffie uses your browser cookies to offer you a safe usage of Sniffie service. That said we are unable to offer you the service without you having cookies enabled. If you cannot login to your account please make sure you typed your account details correctly and have your cookies enabled.

For instructions to enable cookies in your browser, please read this Wikihow article.

Are you using the correct email and password?

Perhaps the most common reason that you cannot access Sniffie is that you have tried to login with the wrong email or password. In this case Sniffie service notifies you with a message about incorrect credentials above the email field.

This means either your password or your username (email) are typed incorrectly. If have incorrectly entered your login info too many times, your account may have been locked due to too many failed login attempts.

If you have forgotten your password, request a new password.

Is your account activated?

Once you've been added as a user to your organization's Sniffie Account, you will receive an email with instructions how to activate your account. If the activation is not done properly, the system will not let you log in. Make sure to check your email spam folder for the activation mail. If you are sure you have not received any email regarding account activation and you are sure that you have been added as a user to your organization's Sniffie Account, contact Sniffie support.

Is your account on a brute force timeout?

If you try and fail to login 5 or mote times within 5 minutes, your account will be locked for security reasons for the next 5 minutes, and an email is sent your account’s email address notifying of a possible brute-force attempt. Two-factor login is also enabled for the account at that time. After 5 minutes you can try login again.

Requesting a new password

If you have forgotten your password, reset the password at Sniffie’s automatic password recovery page. Resetting password is easy with the following steps.

  1. Select "Forgot password"

  2. If your account exists, a recovery link is sent to your email. The email contains a password recovery token that is active for 1 hour after initializing a password recovery.

  3. Click the password recovery link in the email. It takes you to Sniffie’s password recovery page with the token.

  4. Type your new password and confirm it.

  5. Submit the new password by clicking the button.

Now your password has been reset and you can login with your new password.

Note: please check your spam folder as sometimes password recovery and login emails may end up in your spam box.

Has your account expired?

In some rare cases your Sniffie account may be expired. If none of the above solutions fix your problem, this might be the case. Contact Sniffie support, if you doubt your account may be expired.

Are you using an outdated browser?

Sniffie takes advantage of modern web technologies and as such the service may not work properly with old browsers. That is, Sniffie is best used with modern, up-to-date browsers. Although you can login with Internet Explorer 9+, the service is only functional with Internet Explorer 11+. We do not support login with older versions of Internet Explorer. If you use an outdated browser, you’ll see a notification at the top of the login page.

We encourage everyone to use the latest version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox (or Chromium) for the best experience. Sniffie extension is currently available only for Chrome and Firefox and Chromium-based browsers such as Opera. Currently we have no plans to bring the Sniffie extension to Internet Explorer or to Apple Safari.

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