This guide does not apply to you unless you are using Sniffie as a self-service.

Sniffie record mode allows you to create macros that help in extracting dynamic content. Read more on when to use record mode here.

Please note that using Sniffie Record Mode is an advanced feature. You will most likely need to know a bit about Internet technologies to unlock its full potential.

Never activate Sniffie record mode in sites that contains sensitive or personal information!

This includes sites such as online banking or your personal Facebook.

Activating Sniffie Record Mode in Sniffie Extension

  • Start Sniffie extension normally from your browser toolbar
  • Activate advanced mode
  • Click “toggle record mode” at the top right of the Sniffie extension.
  • All your manipulative actions (clicks, scrolling, typing etc.) are now saved in Sniffie record table. You see yourself what action was recorded and in what order. This table will be sent alongside with Sniffie table information when you save your sniffs. Please note that Sniffie record mode stays active until it’s deactivated from the toggle again.
  • If you toggle any of the records as dynamic, the instructions will be executed as many times as new products keep appearing (or until the instruction has been done up to 50 times).

Deactivating Sniffie Record Mode in Extension

  • Click “toggle record mode” at the top right of the Sniffie extension when record mode is active
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