Sniffie record mode allows you to extract data from online stores with dynamic store names. If you want to delete sniffs that use a specific dynamic store names, here’s how it works.

Deleting sniffs with a specific store name via product catalog

  1. Go to product catalog.
  2. Make sure you have sniff ID as a desired column in the table. If not, use the displayed columns editor.
  3. Filter down your catalog with global filters with the store name you want to remove. 
  4. Copy the sniff ID of any product with the store you want to remove.
  5. Navigate to Inputs > Sniffs.
  6. Use local filters to filter with previously copied sniff ID.
  7. Select the returned row and delete normally.

Deleting sniffs with a specific store name via Inputs

  1. Go to Inputs > Sniffs.
  2. Find the sniffs with the website that uses dynamic store names. It may be advisable to use the filters.
  3. Expand one sniff by clicking the expand more button at the left side of the table.
  4. Check the “Store name” column value. If it’s the one you want, delete the sniff. Otherwise, go back to the previous step. Continue until you have deleted the store names you want.


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