Please note that this article applies to you only if you are using Sniffie as a self-service.

There might be lots of data that does not interest you in your Sniffie table. To make everything simple, you most likely want to remove the unnecessary data. There are a few ways to do so. If you make a mistake and remove some wanted data, just undo your last action.

* How to remove unnecessary columns one-by-one

  1. Click the X icon at the top right of the column you want to remove.

* How to remove multiple unnecessary columns simultaneously

  1. Select one or more columns.
  2. Click the trash bin icon at the top of the Sniffie toolbar.

* How to remove all unnamed columns simultaneously

  1. Click the trim columns icon at the top of the Sniffie table. This will remove all columns that have not been named by you or auto-detected by Sniffie.
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