If you are an advanced user, you may want to create the Sniffie table from scratch by defining CSS selectors yourself. This is where the refining mode comes handy!

This is a feature in Sniffie v0.7.0.6. This documentation is also a work-in-progress and may change before actual release. Please note that using the refine mode may require knowledge of the web inspector (tutorials on the topic for Chrome / Firefox / Opera).

How to refine your Sniffie table rows and columns with selectors

  1. Activate advanced mode.
  2. Sniff anything on the website to view the Sniffie table.
  3. At the top of the screen, click the “Refine” button.
  4. Your Sniffie table will be empty. Instructions on refine mode usage as well as a row selector input field will appear.
  5. Enter your desired selector / selector combination on the input field.
  6. Press “Render”.
  7. Sniffie table will render based on your selectors.
  8. Proceed normally.

Please note that if you use Sniffie’s refine mode, Sniffie’s self-healing algorithms may not work so well as without using the refine mode.

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