Sometimes it may be necessary to name multiple columns similarly in Sniffie extension due to a website structure in order to get all the data to appear in the product catalog. If you name multiple columns with the same column name, this is what happens. It’s basically automatic merging of columns with the same names (and you don’t need advanced mode!).

How automatic merging with the same column names works

Let’s assume two same column names. First, Sniffie will process all columns individually. After everything has been processed, Sniffie combines columns with the same column name by the following logic. If the column on the right has an empty value, the column value on the left will remain. If the column on the right has a non-empty value, the left column value will be overridden by the right-most column value.

The right most value (if not empty) will always remain as the final value. The check is performed for each cell in the Sniffie table individually.

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