Sniffie extension is a good way to get extract any web data. However, sometimes you just need the data once on the website that you are currently working on. This is where downloading the Sniffie table as a CSV comes in. When you download the snapshot, you will not save any data to Sniffie, thus not using your precious quota levels.

There is no limit in the number of times you can download a local copy of the Sniffie table to your computer. That is, the downloads are unlimited on any Sniffie package (even free).

How it works

  •  Do any manipulations that you would do normally.
  • Before saving the sniff, click “Download local copy” button at the top right of the screen.
  •  A CSV file download toggle opens. When you click “Download”, it is saved to your computer.

Please note that unless you specify the image attribute to be something else than content (e.g. src-attribute), images are not part of the local CSV file. Please also note that as of, downloading a CSV of the Sniffie table does not support dynamic serialization or data enrichment. This may change before Sniffie v1.0.

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