Some website structures make it hard to focus on product cards. This is where traversing up and down html tree comes into play. Look in to the following video for tips!

How to proceed (i.e. how to traverse HTML tree up and down)

  1. Select any starting element within the product card. Usually product name or price is a good place to start.
  2. Create the Sniffie table normally by clicking the selected element with the left mouse button.
  3. There’s not enough data. You need to traverse HTML tree up and down.
  4. Start advanced mode from the top right.
  5. Traverse up to reveal more data. Traverse down to limit the amount of data. You can always undo if you feel like you made a mistake.
  6. Sometimes the data may appear to the right or to the bottom (illustrated by the video). The data is still there, however.
  7. Select the columns normally.
  8. Trim columns and rows to see the final extraction result.
  9. Save normally.
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