Find and replace is  useful if you need to remove or change certain data in a column. For paid customers, it supports JavaScript regexp syntax, otherwise it acts as normal find and replace. Please note that this is an advanced feature.

Please note that find and replace expressions are applied to your sniff after every other manipulation (split, merge etc.) has been made.

How to find and replace values in Sniffie table

  1. Activate advanced mode

2. Press the “column operations” button in a column whose attributes you want to change.

3. Let’s replace the “€” in Price column in the following table.

4. When you click the column operations button, Regexp option will appear at the right side. We write “€” to Find field. If no replace value has been set, only € is selected. When we set “EUR” to Replace field, we immediately change all instances of “€” character to EUR in the selected column. See the result below.

Activating regular expression mode instead of normal find and replace

  1. You need to have a paid account to do this.
  2. Do the above steps.
  3. Click the regexp-toggle at the top right.
  4. This will treat the find and replace as a regular expression instead of plain find and replace.

Read some of the most useful regex examples in this article

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