Sniffie’s product search allows you to search for different products. Sniffie’s product search options are detailed below.

Product search terms are split with space

When you do multi-word searches, words are split  by space character. For example, if you search for iPhone XS, our search algorithm splits this into two different search terms iPhone and XS. If you want to search for the exact parameter that are split by a space, just put the search term in quotes. Basically search for “iPhone XS”.

Product search combines search terms with boolean “AND”

That is, when performing a product search, Sniffie searches for products with all matching terms. In the example iPhone 256, Sniffie will search all products with iPhone and 256.

Product search searches only product name, product code and brand by default

If you want to direct your search to different field in your product catalog, you need to define so in the search parameter. For example, a search like iPhone searches for iPhones in

You can also search by exact product page urls by using the parameter url:, which is useful if you have exact product page urls matched in another system such as Excel already.

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