Do all the products appear in the price matrix?

No, only matched products appear in the price matrix. Substitutes also appear in a different form in the Matrix.

In addition, at least two stores need to have a match in order for them to appear. This behaviour is likely to change in the future.

Why are analytics not calculated for my website?

Unless you have set up your website in your account settings, analytics are calculated for the first website in the price matrix.

What does N/A in a price matrix cell mean?

N/A appears in the price matrix if the price on the website is zero (0) or the price cannot be converted to a number.

How are the price matrix arrows defined?

A horizontal arrow means that the price has not changed at all during all the checks.

An upwards arrow means that the latest change in the price was a price increase.

An upwards arrow means that the latest change in the price was a price decrease.

How do I compare products with different currencies?

Go to global filters and activate the "normalize currency" filter

Why is the product name not the same as my website’s product?

If you have matched the product under another website’s name, this website name may be the group owner.  You need to update match group ownership to your preferred website.

I want to use this data for repricing! Can I use this somehow to set new prices?

There is a highly experimental repricing module available, which allows you to set new prices. Refer to this guide for more information.

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