Sometimes “identical entries” may appear in your product catalogue as different products due to the fact how Sniffie determines unique products. If you want to combine those products into one, here’s how you do it. We call this process product catalogue harmonization.

You need to be account administrator in order to perform this action.

At the moment, you can harmonize using product name or product code or product page url values. Non-empty values are not used in the harmonization process. Please note that the process is fully irreversible without contacting Sniffie support within 24 hours after the harmonization has started.

How it works

  • You need to have editing permissions in your account
  • Head over to Bulk operations
  • At the top of the screen, click the “Harmonize catalog” button.
  • A modal will open. Select the website for harmonization from the first selector. Select the unique criteria for harmonization from the second selector.
  • When you click “Harmonize” button, the harmonization process will start. This transfers all product tags, substitute matches and exact match groups to the most recently updated product. After everything is transferred, the old products are removed from the system.
  • Your account is placed in a read only mode. When the harmonization is finished, your account is released from the read only mode.
  • There is no way for the user to stop the harmonization process once it has begun.

Performance analytics

Harmonizing 16 thousand products with 120 duplicates, each with 5 substitutes and 40 product tags takes around 3 seconds. If you skip the 100% transfer of product tags and the 100% transfer of substitutes, the harmonization is basically instant.

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