The Product Catalog is where you can control all your products and match them to competing ones. Product Catalog includes all unique products. Product Matches are explained in detail here.

Product Catalog is a table that includes all eCommerce fields of your your extracted products, such as:

  1. Matches

  2. Product name

  3. Category

  4. Website name

  5. Product image

  6. Price

  7. Last updated

  8. Product page link

    Note that it´s also possible to add custom fields to the catalog. Furthermore, you can also edit which columns and fields would you like to see in the catalog from the product catalog settings. 

change and reorder columns

1. Matches

Indicates if your product has been matched to competing products. Unmatched means that there are no matches made. Matched indicated that you have confirmed a match with one or several competing products. 

2. Product Name

Product Name tells you what is the name of the product on the extracted website. Product Name is also used as a basis for Product Matching.

3. Product Category

All competing product categories are marked as "Uncategorized" until they are matched, once the products are matched the name of the category they belong to automatically changes to the same as the match group owner´s category name. Note that it´s important to have a proper categorization for your own products at Sniffie so please check that the categories of your reference data are the right ones before proceeding. 

4. Website Name

The Website Name is the name of the website you extracted the pricing data from. This is automatically set by the extension based on the website URL you are extracting data from.

5. Product Image

Product Image hold the image of products as defined in the Sniffie extension.

6. Price

Product Price is product price listed at the latest data fetch.

7. Last updated

Last updated indicates when the the latest data fetch occurred, i.e. how fresh the data is.

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