Data enrichment was introduced in Sniffie v0.6 in August 2017. It allows you to enrich product data from other pages (e.g. the product page). Note that data enrichment only works, if you have defined the Product name column before beginning data enrichment.

How it works

When you are processing the Sniffie table and you have named a column as “Product name”, you can click the “Enrich” button at the top of Sniffie toolbar. Advanced mode need to be on in order for the button to appear.

When you click the “Enrich” button, you are taken into enrichment mode. Sniffie automatically scrolls to the element you first clicked when selecting extracted data. Everything else is grayed out, as the product page link needs to be in the element you extracted from.

You can exit the enrichment by clicking the “Exit enrichment mode” button at the top of the toolbar.

You then need to click on the product card that takes you to the product page. The product card is the non-grayed area in the selection. Sniffie then registers all the information in your click to automatically configure itself to find the correct link. As there can be multiple links in the product card that take you to anywhere from product card to product image, it’s important to click the link that actually takes you to the product page.

If  you click outside of the product card, an error message is displayed. If no possible link is found within the product card, an error message is shown.

When you are in the product page and the page has loaded, Sniffie extension is automatically started in “Add column” mode.

When you click elements in the add column mode, you’ll get a message that a column is added to Sniffie table. The column counter is also updated.

When you have selected all necessary data, just click the button at the Sniffie top bar to return you data table. You’ll see that new columns have appeared at the end of the table. The clickable data has been been added to your Sniffie table to the first row of the table. (Note that it doesn’t really matter if you selected the 10th product, added enrichment data is still shown in the first row. Don’t worry, as Sniffie’s backend will process the data correctly per product.)

What happens behind the scenes

When you save a sniff with data enrichment, Sniffie will process your initial Sniffie table normally. It then finds the product page links in your data extraction and schedules those to be extracted in the future. Sniffie will enrich and schedule one page per domain per user concurrently, if there are no extractions scheduled to your account on that domain at that time. The data is currently (as of October 2017) enriched only once.

When the data is enriched, once Sniffie reruns your extractions according to your scheduling, the completed enriched data is automatically added to your enrichment results. If new products are added by the website, Sniffie will automatically add those to be enriched like the initial products.

Note that if no product name is found, Sniffie will not (as of August 2017) process data enrichment.

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