As of version 0.6 (released in August 2017), Sniffie extension has the ability to add data to you extraction outside of the initial selection with Add column mode. The mode is very useful in extracting e.g. changing subcategory information!

Add column mode works on the same page you get Sniffie table from. If you need data from product page, please refer to data enrichment.

How it works

  • Start Sniffie from your browser
  • Select desired elements from the website
  • Wait for Sniffie table to render
  • Click the “Add column” button at the top of the screen.Add column button in Sniffie extension

  • You’re taken into add column mode. You can exit by clicking the “Done, return to table view”Entering add column mode.

  • Click any element on the page to add it to end of the Sniffie table. Each click will paste the contents of the selected elements to all rows of the table.Column successfully added message

  • When you return to Sniffie table, the new information is at the end of the Sniffie table. Remember to name the column Newly added column at the end of Sniffie table

What happens behind the scenes

Sniffie processes the initial Sniffie table like you specified. Afterwards, it finds the values you specified via add column mode and adds them to the table. It’s that simple, really 

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