Improved column splitting is a new feature introduced with Sniffie v0.7. It’s useful if you need to split data to gain a good extraction result.

How to split columns in Sniffie extension

  • Activate advanced mode
  • Click a column outside of column name editor. This selects the column. You can only split one column at a time. If you select multiple columns, this will nowProduct name column selected for splitting. Split button highlighted. 
  •  Click the “Split” button at the top of the screen. Split column modal will appear.Split column modal.

  •  Select the desired delimiter (e.g. space character) and press split. If you don’t want to split, press “Cancel”.
  • After successful splitting, the selected column was split into two columns.Successfully split product name column. The column has been split by the first space character. In the first 4 rows, there was no such character.

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