Price history

Price history is one of the analytic widgets. You can utilize this widget in Home page's dashboards, or in product page in Product catalogue.

The widget presents the history data of the price for the selected group of products, brands, categories - everything according to how you have filtered and/or grouped the data. The depth for this analytic is for the user to decide - the more data fields are utilized in Sniffie the more in depth you are able to analyse the data. The price data that the widget shows is the development of average price over selected time period (selectable in top corner of the dashboard).

Let’s take an example:

Data could be shown as average price’s development for a category. This shows the average price for all categories. This can be then drilled down on specific categories by filtering “Category contains”. 

→ Then grouped for a brand (you can either select all brands, or filter down to a specific brand) 

→ Grouped by Website

→ As a result you will be looking at a certain brand's average price in different retailers (picture below).

If you wish to see price ranges and statistics for the same criterion, you can utilize "Price history with statistics" widget or "Price range" widget.

Another example of the widget:

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