Where to start?

Make sure that you have a working Internet connection (e.g. that you can reach public websites on the Internet) and that you can get to the login page: 

Unless you cannot get to Sniffie Service login page you know that either you cannot connect to the Internet (you cannot reach or access any public website with your browser), some parts of the Internet are blocked on your network, or Sniffie service is down and the service is not accessible.

The Sniffie Service Accessibility Announcements

If Sniffie service is not accessible and rest of the web works for you, you should see information about the reasons at our blog.

Sniffie Service Announcements are always written to our blog to keep you posted.
Alternatively, you can check latest news at our Twitter account. If no news are posted on any of our channels, please contact Sniffie support. All known accessibility issues are posted to our blog and other channels well before the known issues occur.

We post all down time and accessibility issues to our Twitter account well in before hand.

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