NOTE: To perform the following tasks you need administrator privileges for your account.

Accessing the Admin page

The link to the account administration page is in the account menu on the page toolbar:

  1. Click the account menu button

  2. Then click "Account settings".

  3. The "Account settings" button is only visible if you have admin rights to the account. This will take you to the account admin page.

  4. Choose the "Users" sub-page on the tab row.

Controlling users

On the Users page you will see a table of users with access to your account. 

Deleting users

Select a user in the table and click the delete button (trash can icon) on the table toolbar. 

Modifying users

Select a user in the table and click the edit button (pen icon) on the table toolbar. Here you can change user details and permissions.

Adding a new user

Click the "add new user button" beneath the users table. You will be presented with a form for user details. Fill all fields and choose appropriate user permissions.

User Permissions

User can have three levels of permissions to your data:

  • Viewer: has access to view data and analytics but cannot make modifications to the product catalog or inputs.

  • Viewer and downloader: same access as viewer but can also export data from tables.

  • Editor: can modify the product catalog as well as edit & add data sources.

  • Admin: same rights as editor but can also modify the account's settings and modify users.

Adding users in bulk 

If you want to add multiple users at once please contact Sniffie team. Adding multiple users at once is only possible according to the agreement and contract terms that your organization has with Sniffie Software Oy.

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