Logging in

In order to log in to Sniffie Pricing Automation Service, you need to have received a registration email and clicked the registration link to activate your account. In the registration email, you have received a one-time password for your first login. If you already have your credentials you can always login here. Remember to check your spam folder, as some emails may end up there.

What to do after you receive your first login link from Sniffie?

After you have received your login credentials from Sniffie the service prompts you to change your password, just follow the steps and you should login successfully.

Sniffie login page

If your login is unsuccessful, the login page gives you a reason as to why that is.

Only one active session (one for Sniffie extension and one for Sniffie web service) can be enabled at any given time. Thus, when you login to the Sniffie service from another browser, your previous session will expire.

Logging out

Your Sniffie account includes valuable data, so do not leave it open for any shared or public computers you use. When you choose to log out from Sniffie, it can be done from the side navigation by clicking the logout button.

If you used a public computer, it may also be a good idea to reset your browser history.

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