Adding widgets, in brief: 

  1. Toggle on the Edit mode.
  2. Click " + Add widget "
  3. Select a widget and click "Install widget" to attach it to your dashboard
  4. "Edit widget" to select the data by grouping and filtering options
  5. Click "Apply" to save widget options
  6. Adjust the size and location of the widget
  7. Toggle off "Edit" mode to save changes in the dashboard

What is a widget?

A widget is an analytics card that visualize the data in your account according to set parameters. The data can be shown as a box plot, trend line, bar or pie chart... to mention a few. The data shown in the widget is selected by grouping and filtering options. Widgets can be used in Home-page and in individual product pages inside Product catalog.

Add a widget

To add a widget, start by toggling and enabling "Edit" mode in the dashboard. Access the widget selection table from " + Add widget " button - now a variety of widgets open in front of you of which you can select the most suitable ones for your purposes. You add the widget to your analytics view by clicking "Install widget".

Toggle on Editing mode, click " + Add widget".

Choose a widget and click install to attach it to your dashboard.

Now, when the widget has been chosen and added, you are able to adjust the size and location of the widget in the dashboard. When you are ready toggle off the "Edit" mode to save these changes.

Data behind the widget

Each widget includes various possibilities to filter and group the data that your account has in it. If you have active global filters when you create a widget, the data shown in the widget will be chosen according to those filters.

You can choose widget specific data by accessing widget's settings: click from the top right corner of a widget, and click "Edit widget". Once you choose widget-specific criterion, click "Apply", and these settings override the active global filters.

Please note that different views will require different filtering details so make sure that you apply the appropriate filters before getting the widgets ready. You can always contact Sniffie team for further help.

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